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Welcome to Modern Audiology of Lakewood

Lakewood’s Premier Hearing Test Provider

Hearing is a crucial part of enjoying life! It’s a big part of communicating, maintaining relationships, learning, and experiencing all that life has to offer. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, the trusted hearing specialists at Modern Audiology in Lakewood, CO are here to help.

You don’t have to search for hearing aids in Lakewood alone, our team has years of experience and knowledge to help you find perfect hearing aids to fit your lifestyle.

At Modern Audiology, each audiologist on our team is passionate about transforming our patient’s hearing with care and intentionality. You deserve to experience the joy of hearing laughter, conversation, music, movies, and all of life’s daily sounds.

To prepare for your visit, browse our resources page. We want you to have all the information you need before you meet with one of our hearing specialists.

Modern Audiology is a group of highly-qualified audiologists and hearing instrument specialists providing evidence-based, individualized care to our patients. Since our inception in 1990, the practice has evolved, but the mission has never changed, exceptional hearing healthcare with upfront and transparent pricing.

Our providers specialize in a wide range of audiological services and products including wax removal, hearing evaluations, tinnitus treatment, hearing aids and custom ear molds. We are also proud to offer unbundled pricing options, saving our patients an average of $1500 on hearing device purchases. If you need hearing aids in Lakewood, CO we want to help you find the best fit for your lifestyle.

Bringing improved hearing and better communication to our patients’ lives is our passion. We are happy you found us and are looking forward to delivering you a truly exceptional hearing healthcare experience!

Hearing Loss Can Impact Your Life in Lakewood

Hearing is crucial for communication, relationships, learning, and enjoying life’s experiences. If you suspect hearing loss, a hearing test at Modern Audiology in Lakewood, CO, can help.

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Our experienced audiologists use advanced technology to accurately assess your hearing health and determine the best course of action.

Modern Audiology: Your Trusted Hearing Test Provider in Lakewood

At Modern Audiology, we believe everyone deserves to experience the joy of clear hearing. We offer comprehensive hearing tests in Lakewood to identify any hearing issues you may have.

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  • Dr. Zells was very easy to work with when doing the hearing assessment and was very up front and forthright with his answers about the new hearing aids. Very approachable and easy to work with - very friendly!
    Michael B. - Patient
  • Dr. Zells is great to work with, he does a great job of explaining the issues, options and plus and minuses of each solution. He didn't put any pressure on me, and I felt he sincerely wanted the best outcome for me.
    Tom D. - Patient
  • I have been a client with this office for almost 30 years! I absolutely love Randy and Zach. They are attentive and in touch with what I need for my busy life. They always have been so kind to me and really help me to get the best care I need. I am excited for my new pair of aides! Thanks guys!
    Megan S. Patient
  • Fantastic experience! Dr. Zells is extremely personable and made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the hearing test and fitting for musician’s ear molds. He talked me through the whole process, explaining how our ears work which gave me peace of mind and left me a little more enlightened when it comes to our auditory system. I would highly recommend Modern Audiology.
    Peter S. Patient
  • I recently had to replace my aging hearing aids and found Dr. Zach Zells at Modern Audiology through a referral from Signia Hearing Aids. Zach is an extremely professional and caring audiologist who took time to make sure we both understood my hearing challenges and how we could address these to a successful resolution that provided the excellent hearing that I had been searching for. Zach processed my order and I received my hearing aids within 4 days! He again took the time to make sure I had the proper settings that would give me the best hearing and that they worked as I needed. I can hear magnificently and I feel great about my new hearing aids. I can highly recommend Zach and Modern Audiology of Lakewood as a caring and professional hearing aid provider. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
    Safety Sam Patient
  • I have been wearing hearing aids since I was 29, which was an ego blow (didn't want to get them...). Modern audiology (Randy) helped me find CIC (Completely in canal) devices so they weren't noticeable! Now that technology is integrating Bluetooth, Zach has helped me explore options, even giving me a loaner pair to try! What an amazing way to know before such a daunting and important purchase. Zach is responsive, friendly, knowledgeable, fun, and patient. I am in the midst of changing insurance, and he even went the extra mile to match pricing and discounts for me. Thanks so much!! I'm a customer for life.
    Diana R Patient
  • Zach is great to work with, he does a great job of explaining the issues, options and plus and minuses of each solution. He didn't put any pressure on me, and I felt he sincerely wanted the best outcome for me.
    Tom D Patient
  • The team is very good. With deep experience and cutting edge info you can rest assured your audiological needs will be affordably met.
    Leonard G Patient